And we are fine! iPhone 14 Pro Max in Russia fell by 30 thousand rubles


The market, even the Russian one, is a living and very mobile structure. Regardless of what happens outside, he will adapt to any circumstances, because to keep the profit for him is the only way to survive. Therefore, when the unreal happened and Apple stopped selling its equipment in Russia, nothing changed globally. And even quite iPhone price increase, which grew due to parallel imports, as a result, the market still compensated. A living example of this is the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which in less than 2 months has fallen in price by more than a third of the original figures.

Prices for iPhone 14 Pro Max in Russia

Sales of iPhone 14 Pro Max in Russia, however, like all other models, began on September 15. The first devices were brought to the country, except for the absolutely crazy offers on Avito, Yandex Market partners. They offered buy top flagship Apple for 119,990 rubles. Then, when the hype of the first days passed and new items appeared at large retailers, the price fell by 5,000, fixed at around 114,990 rubles, at which the device can still be bought in M. Video and Eldorado.

However, if you shift your focus away from the big retailers and turn to small shops that carry their own iPhones from abroad, you will see that their prices have dropped quite significantly. How iPhone 14 dropped in price, as well as the iPhone 14 Plus, we have already told. Now it’s the turn of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which lost about 30 thousand rubles in the basic configuration.

Buy iPhone cheaper

As of early November, the lowest price we could find for the iPhone 14 Pro Max in Russia was 84,490 rubles. And for this money you will get a full version with a physical slot for SIM-cards, and not just with eSIM support. Despite the fact that in fact this does not give any special advantages, the version with only eSIM in Russian retail is valued a little less and in the same M.Video and Eldorado is sold 5,000 rubles cheaper. That is, taking this into account, the actual reduction in the price of gray iPhones amounted to even more than 30 thousand.

It is curious that the serovoz iPhone prices in different colors may differ by several thousand rubles. Apparently it has to do with demand. Anyway, I came across several similar cases. Purple smartphones sell the most expensive – the novelty of the shade affects. But the cheapest option is, oddly enough, the golden version. In principle, it is understandable: as for me, such a color looks and is really not very attractive. But here, who cares.

Where is the best place to buy iPhones?

Of course, such a low price is available only in small shops, which used to be called gray trucks. They manage to make better offers due to a number of factors:

  • A simpler logistics scheme that does not require establishing a legal entity in the country of purchase or contacting distributors;
  • Cheaper actual delivery, because the volumes of imported electronics differ from the volumes of large retailers by tens and even hundreds of times;
  • Refund of sales tax paid upon purchase when crossing the border. And this tax, as a rule, can be from 10 to 20% of the total price;
  • In addition, small shops can afford to accept payments only in cash, so as not to pay a commission to the bank, which also affects the price.

Is it safe to buy from these stores? Well, if you place an order through Yandex Market or just come personally on someone’s advice, then I think it’s quite safe. There are no dangers there, because the ban on official supplies has equalized everyone. If earlier large retailers traded distribution devices that Apple produced for our market, now both of them are forced to buy them abroad and bring them here, being unable to provide either adequate warranty service or post-warranty repairs.

iPhone warranty in Russia

Yeah, make no mistake about it purchased in M.Video iPhone 14 Pro Max In the event of a breakdown, they will repair it for free. If the case is under warranty, the device will most likely be replaced with a new one. This is required by law, and it applies not only to large retailers, but also to small ones. Including shops from Gorbushka. But if you break a smartphone yourself, then there will be no place to officially repair it, because in Apple Authorized Service Centers in Russia just don’t have the right accessories.

However, if you suddenly need a repair, which the officials will refuse you, you can always contact our friends from the Apple-Pro service center. The guys fix breakdowns of almost any complexity, use components only from reputable suppliers, and even carry out such types of repairs that Apple usually refuses. For example, they may replace iphone screen protector separately from the display or change the key in the MacBook without changing the topcase, which saves you time and money.

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