AirPods began to play quieter. What to do

Headphones AirPods won the hearts of fans since its release Apple technology and not only. As a result, they became most popular TWS headphones in the world. Even though there are significantly cheaper solutions on the market, AirPods continue to sell in large numbers. Unfortunately, any such headphones are not eternal devices and periodically need a certain service. Of course, you can’t replace the battery in them, but you can solve some standard difficulties, such as lowering the sound level.

Good thing that Apple gives enough tools to solve such difficulties by standard means. Let’s see what needs to be done if your AirPods they began to play much quieter than on the very first day, or the sound disappears in only one earphone.

Quiet AirPods

In all my previous materials, I started with the fact that any correction of problems with technology must begin with software solutions. But the earbuds are a little off the mark. Given that they are in the ears, which are often not the cleanest environment, then sound reduction in AirPods may be due to an absolutely banal reason – they are simply clogged. In such a situation, they should be properly cleaned. For AirPods 1, 2 and 3 I do not advise you to use instructions from the Internet, which recommend dipping headphones with nets in hydrogen peroxide. When using this method, you can lose much more than gain. It is required to properly calculate the depth of immersion of the earpiece and not let it sink. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this. Therefore, it is better to use the old, proven and effective cleaning method:

  • Take any brush with soft bristles. Even a baby toothbrush will do.
  • Hold the earpiece so that the mesh is vertical.
  • With gentle movements from top to bottom, without pressing on the mesh, clean off the dirt, gently blowing it off. Do this procedure a few times a little. Never use compressed air of any kind. He can, on the contrary, blow out all the debris inside the earpiece.
  • After these steps, take the putty for cleaning watch movements, which can be purchased for 130 rubles, and apply it to the nets on AirPods several times to collect all the debris that you brushed off.

After these steps, most of the dirt will be removed. If you are afraid for the safety of your headphones, then to clean them, you should contact the service center, which will professionally return your AirPods original look and good sound quality.

For AirPods Pro this instruction is not relevant, since the main mesh of the earphone is protected by an additional mesh in the nozzles. Therefore, if you see that your “plugs” are dirty, just change the nozzle to them.

Unfortunately, the sound can become quieter not only because of dirt. There may also be software issues. The first thing to do is to check if there are any volume limits on your AirPodsand turn them off if necessary:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Sounds, tactile signals” section.
  • Select the “Headphones safety” item and turn off the “Headphones notifications” and “Quiet loud sounds” toggles.
  • Go back to settings and go to the “Music” section.
  • Disable “Volume Correction”.
  • Go to “Equalizer” and select “Off”.

After that, check the music volume. Most likely, you have definitely solved part of the problem with volume. If it turned out to completely return to the original value, then we can congratulate you – you will not need further actions.

Reset AirPods

But it may turn out that there was no fundamental improvement. Then follows unpair your AirPodsreset them to factory settings and connect to iPhone again. This will require:

After these steps, be sure to check the sound quality in the headphones. Perhaps your problem was solved, and everything began to play as it should.

AirPods – one earpiece quieter

Very often there is a situation when the sound becomes quieter in only one earphone. In such a situation, as a temporary measure, a little shift the balance to one of the ears. Be sure to do all the above steps before rebalancing the “ears”. Perhaps this will solve your problem more effectively. To change the balance in AirPodsyou need to do the following:

This is only a temporary solution. Always use this way AirPods not worth it. Most likely, they have some kind of hardware problem, and you just need to contact the service center for repair or replacement. remember, that TWS headphones despite their price, they are consumables and after some time they simply become physically obsolete. Perhaps with your AirPods That’s exactly what happened and it’s time to send them to rest.

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