AirPods 3 turned out better than we thought. What changed

AirPods 3

The next Apple presentation in 2021 has died down. In my opinion, it turned out to be even more interesting than September. First, there were a lot of nice little things: HomePod mini, an updated Apple Music subscription. Secondly, of course, these are AirPods 3, which I was looking forward to and skeptical at the same time. To be honest, there is still a feeling that the headphones are not the best. But I was pleased with the innovations of AirPods 3, which made the headphones much better than previous versions. In addition, I asked around friends, read our Telegram chat and realized that there are a lot of people who want to get new AirPods. And now about everything in order.

What’s new in AirPods 3

We were waiting AirPods 3 just like that – similar to AirPods Pro. To be honest, this appearance did not please me at first, it seemed that everything was the same again. It seems that we were shown headphones in AirPods Pro design without ear pads, but this is not entirely true. The plugs themselves are quite weighty and wearing them in your ears is not so easy. Another thing is AirPods 3, which hold up well even without ear pads. Appearance new AirPods is a mixture of AirPods and AirPods Pro. You will be in an electronics store – be sure to compare yourself what happened.

Separate praise deserves the fact that the headphones inherited navigation by pressing the earpiece leg: AirPods Pro owners will not lie about how much more reliable and trouble-free this feature is than the good old double tap, which just does not work from time to time. By the way, the headphones have become smarter: by pressing you can not only answer calls, but also rewind tracks – AirPods have finally caught up with convenient EarPods in their functionality.

Differences between AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro

Before yesterday’s presentation, I was one hundred percent sure that AirPods 3 would be inferior to AirPods Pro in all respects. But Apple once again performed a miracle by issuing a fresh product. I’m sure AirPods Pro will win in sound quality, but in terms of additional parameters, there are Advantages of AirPods 3. For example:

  • Regular AirPods are now sweat and water resistant, unlike previous versions.
  • Wireless charging and MagSafe support default.
  • The new AirPods will last longer than the AirPods Pro: 6 hours versus 4.5 hours on a single charge.

Autonomy AirPods 3 – a double-edged sword. On the one hand, on a long trip, you can now not remove the headphones from your ears at all. On the other hand, listening to music for 6 hours is fantastic. Judge for yourself, your ears will simply get tired and your head will ache. Yes, just listen to music. And if we talk about everyday use, then we use headphones on average for 2-3 hours in a row, but not 6 hours.

Should I buy AirPods 3

Headphones AirPods – this is the gadget that does not leave people indifferent. They are either loved or hated. Basically, of course, for the sound quality and the “durability” of the batteries. In any case, our subscribers often mention these cons. However, the headphones are ideal for those who, for some reason, do not digest ear pads that fit tightly into their ears. It is also difficult to get used to AirPods Pro for this reason – the feeling that something is superfluous in the ears. I have no doubt that AirPods 3 will find their fans.

I train a lot and find AirPods to be the perfect earbuds for a wide variety of workouts. One annoying thing about AirPods 1 and 2 was that during burpees or other exercises, the sound stopped because at the moment the skin contact sensor thought that you had taken them out of your ears. Because of this, the music stopped at the most inopportune moment – this not only infuriates, but also slows down the pace of the lesson.

In AirPods 3, this problem has been fixed – the sensor has been improved, now it helps the headphones to distinguish when they are in their ears or on another surface. Based on this, playback will work. It is for this reason that many guys in the audience will choose AirPods 3.

AirPods 3 came out not as controversial as they seemed at first glance. They have become not only an excellent continuation of the AirPods line, but in some situations even turned out to be better AirPods Pro. The main point that remains to be judged is the sound quality. Apple promised us deep bass and sound detail. Let’s see how this corresponds to reality.

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