6 Unexpected Benefits of iPhone SE 2020 Over iPhone 13 Pro


I have been using the iPhone SE 2020 for over a year now: an absolutely ordinary smartphone with a weak battery, for the price of which it is better to buy OnePlus. And also, probably, it’s better not to advise anyone to buy it seriously and for a long time, so that later you don’t get a portion of criticism in your address. That’s how it seemed to me until recently, until a friend bought herself an iPhone 13 Pro: this is where the fun began. I twisted the novelty in my hands, looked at it and realized that the latest flagship from Apple is not so perfect, and the iPhone SE is not so bad. In any case, I found several interesting points that make the budget iPhone superior to the novelty. Everything is very simple.

iPhone SE 2020 size

Budget iPhone SE is one of the most compact smartphones to date. More convenient than it, only iPhone 13 mini. Dimensions are only 138.4 * 67.3 * 7.3 mm. The last metric is thickness, which makes the iPhone SE 2020 much more comfortable to use than the iPhone 13 Pro.

If you suddenly do not wear a case, then you will understand how cool it is when you have a thin iPhone in your hands. Smartphone manufacturers have been moving towards making smartphones thinner for years, and now, in order to please consumers, they quietly began to make them thicker, without focusing on it. So if you need thin iPhone, then this is definitely not about the iPhone 13 Pro.

The lightest iPhone

A smartphone often falls out of your hands when you lie with it in bed. Agree, it’s not pleasant when, with its chopped edges, it lands right in the eye or hits the nose? With the iPhone SE 2020, this will definitely not happen: its case can injure you only if you break it by scratching your finger. No jokes, but budget iPhone lighter flagship by almost 60 g – this, by the way, is a huge difference when it comes to smartphones. It can be safely removed in a sleeve case, going for a run on a summer morning.

Accessories for iPhone SE 2020

The first thing I thought of when I looked iPhone presentation 13 – are they suitable for him iPhone cases 12? Nothing like this. New iPhone smartphones 13 got fat at once – all accessories can be safely distributed to friends if you are going to upgrade. iPhone SE 2020 does not know such problems: cases from iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 fit it. The same goes for protective glasses. When Apple leaves the dimensions of the new iPhones the same, not only sellers of small shops rejoice, but also merchants from AliExpress, because their accessories from previous models will be in demand for more than one year.

iPhone with Touch ID

Many of the rumors that exist today say that the iPhone 14 touch ID will return – and it’s even better than the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United. I usually scold Apple for reintroducing old technologies, but denying the convenience of a fingerprint scanner is silly. The pandemic does not seem to be defeated, but the convenience of using a smartphone has not been canceled – Face ID works poorly in the new realities. In addition, according to rumors, Touch ID should be under the screen – we definitely have not seen this in the iPhone. In the meantime, the iPhone SE 2020 gets another point in our little competition.

Inexpensive smartphone for gaming

While the iPhone SE 2020 doesn’t have a standout screen (remember, it’s only 4.7 inches), it’s great for existing games. They run adequately, without lags and freezes – the A13 does an excellent job. On the hand and the frame around the display – due to them, the smartphone can be held without fear of accidental pressing. And still not an eyesore Face ID bangs – a symmetrical rectangular display as if created for perfectionists and gamers. At the link below, we found the iPhone SE 2020 for you at an indecently low price.

Cheap iPhone SE 2020

The most practical smartphone

The iPhone SE 2020 has everything you need, and the smartphone has an adequate price. The battery is by far the weakest point in this iPhone, but it is it that will not let you stay on the phone all day and night. Either save battery or social networks is the dilemma of iPhone SE 2020 owners. Thus, you yourself will not notice how you will spend less time on Instagram.

Speaking of applications. Budget iPhone – Ideal for everyday tasks. They are comfortable to use with one hand so much that even a double tap on Touch ID is not needed – you can easily reach any part of the screen with your thumb. If the previous generation of iPhone SE really outlived itself because of the size of the display, then 4.7 inches today is a little more than enough for everything.

All this time, I did not like my iPhone SE, and every day the negative only accumulated. But, if you think about it, the “seven”, as my friend jokes, is not so bad.

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