6 things I learned about Apple technology in 2021

AirPods 3

The year is slowly coming to a close, which means it’s time to sum up some things: this year we saw a lot of new products from Apple, the new iOS 15 and even AirPods 3. Considering that this year is my first year as an AppleInsider writer .ru, I would like to tell you about my observations about what the most talked about company in the world is doing. It is also interesting what is happening with its products and ecosystem. When you write about Apple every day, you begin to look at your own iPhone in a new way, seeing in it a lot of things that you didn’t pay attention to before. In general, I share with you my impressions: what pleasantly surprised me, not so much, and what new things I learned for myself.

Pros and cons of AirPods

It seems that my editorial colleagues and I have studied up and down not only AirPods 3, but all AirPods: we even found out that AirPods 2 have advantages over new AirPods. In general, this upset me a little: we have been waiting for a new generation of Apple headphones for a long time, but I realized for myself that they are not so good. Not so long ago, I was ready to purchase them and was already thinking about where to put my favorite AirPods 2.

The other day I had the opportunity to try out a new product: it turned out that there was nothing attractive in it and it was easier not to buy them, saving money. The sound of AirPods 2, the lack of noise cancellation, the lack of double tap and the changed form factor are all against them. I found the AirPods 3 to be a great buy if you haven’t had pods yet. But this is a dubious investment of money if you have been using Apple headphones for three years.

Cracking AirPods Pro

The other day my friend encountered a crash in AirPods Pro: the problem is quite common among the readers of our Telegram chat. Headphones are not even two years old, but there is a guarantee. However, this is frustrating: the firmware seemed unkillable to me, because even with AirPods of the 1st generation, problems began only in the third year of use.

Fake AirPods

Years go by, but fake AirPods have not gone away. They have become better: it is impossible to distinguish from the original. The other day I came across a video on YouTube in which fake AirPods 3 were almost perfect, but the hoax was exposed thanks to the fact that they rattled in the charging case. Be careful and double check your purchase and try to never buy used AirPods.

The most compact iPhone

We already wrote about how cool the iPhone 13 mini is: unfortunately, this is his authority – everything. There will be no compact iPhone next year. It’s sad, because this iPhone has its own, albeit small, club of fans who really like this smartphone. But we are waiting for new experiments with the iPhone.

New iOS 15

The iOS 15 controversy continues: the operating system has not received many changes, but it has some nice features that make us happy every day. iOS 15 is the first iOS that I installed on the iPhone on the day of release (albeit by accident). In my opinion, this is the best iOS I have ever dealt with and it has the least flaws and lags.

A friend and I tried out SharePlay on FaceTime the other day, and it’s really a huge step forward for the app. In general, if you are still not sure whether you should install iOS 15 on your iPhone, then read our text on why it’s time to do it.

The most popular iPhone 2021

You may not love the iPhone 11, but you have to admit that it is most popular iPhone this year. At first, it was a shame that the iPhone XR was discontinued, but regret disappeared exactly at the moment when the iPhone 11 rapidly fell in price: the basic 64 GB version can be purchased for even less than 50 thousand rubles. Perhaps this is the most practical smartphone to date, which is suitable even as a gift.

Android vs iOS

It so happened, but this year there were no people with Android smartphones among my friends. Not so long ago, I talked about the fact that my friend, a convinced Xiaomi user, changed it to the iPhone 12 Pro. This again suggests that the iPhone is still good, despite the huge market for Android smartphones, updates, skins, and even the hardware that is installed in them. You yourself remember how the iPhone 13 Pro Max with a less capacious battery turned out to be more tenacious than the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – this also says something.

New Apple Watch Series 7

Apple’s new smartwatch hasn’t received many changes, but it’s still unparalleled. AppleInsider.ru journalist Artem Rakhmatullin told, probably, about all the Apple Watch chips related to health. Personally, I am ashamed: in the summer I mercilessly scolded this gadget, but I was wrong – they really are much more interesting than they might seem. Of course, not counting the weak battery. But there is reason to expect radical changes to the Apple Watch next year.

What conclusions about Apple devices did you draw? Share your observations in the comments.

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