6 reasons not to sell your old iPhone


Many iPhone owners make the practical move of selling their old smartphone in order to upgrade a bit and buy a new one. This is natural and quite logical: sell iPhone Definitely worth it as long as you can get decent money for it. And then there are people who keep it for themselves – surprisingly, they quickly find a use for an old smartphone, although they lose money when buying a new one. Oddly enough, but there are quite good reasons to really leave the iPhone and not miscalculate. Today we will tell you about a few life hacks why you should not sell old iPhone model and what can be done with it.

Spare smartphone

The iPhone is one of the most reliable smartphones out there, but it still has issues sometimes. For example, an unsuccessful attempt iOS updates can leave you without your phone for hours or even a day. Your old iPhone 5S, lying around in the table, can help you out in a difficult situation. And it will also be useful if you forgot your main smartphone at work or lost it altogether.

By the way, I strongly recommend that you take a spare phone when traveling: not so long ago, a friend of mine almost lost contact in Slovenia due to iPhone breakdowns 11, but his old iPhone 6, which he took with him to play on the road, helped him a lot. In general, it is necessary to say a few words about smartphone for games.

Smartphone for games

This year I gave my mother an iPhone 11, which, it would seem, should completely replace the 1st generation iPhone SE. She uses a new smartphone, but … prefers to play on the old one. It so happened that she rests after work with the help of games in her smartphone, and the 1st generation iPhone SE is ideal for her. Who would have thought that the old iPhone is useful for games. By the way, one of the reasons why she likes to play on it is the presence of frames around the display, thanks to which you can avoid accidental clicks. If you like to play, then feel free to connect an Apple One subscription, which includes Apple Arcade – we have already talked about it in more detail.

What to do with an old iPhone

If your iPhone is already quite old, for example, the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, then it probably makes no sense to sell it: buyers will start to bring down the price, given that the smartphone itself is already worth a penny. But its real trade-in and get a pleasant, albeit symbolic, discount on the purchase of a new device. Communication shops send old smartphones for recycling, thanks to which you will make a small contribution to improving the environmental situation. And when you trade-in, the discount can be added to the current promotion: more about whether it is worth renting iPhone in trade-in, we told in our article.

Player for sports

When I worked in a fitness club, I often paid attention to how our clients use their old smartphones for training. Surprisingly, the iPhone can come in handy.

  • With it, you can set a stopwatch, include programs for functional training.
  • Can be used as a player, especially if it’s a compact iPhone.
  • The old iPhone is not afraid of scratching and can be worn without a case. It sounds convincing, because the hall is quite noisy, and the smartphone can fall or really drop a heavy sports equipment on it.

And the iPhone helps to lose weight – tested on yourself.

iPhone in tethering mode

Do you know how difficult it is to use iPhone in tethering mode? Not only does the connection worsen at some points in the room, but the smartphone is also discharged. Solving the problem of no Internet is very simple: use your old iPhone as a hotspot by connecting it to a power source, such as a portable charger. Do not forget to put it in the place where the connection is most stable: practice shows that the better the signal quality, the less disable modem mode.

jailbreak on iphone

An old smartphone can be safely used for experiments: for example, install a jailbreak on it to learn a lot of new things. Modern models with iOS 14 and iOS 15 are almost unhackable, but if your old iPhone has an older version of iOS, then you can try install jailbreakwithout worrying about the condition of the smartphone, warranty and security. Considering that, at first glance, the iPhone does not require customization, it’s definitely worth seeing the jailbreak with your own eyes once in a lifetime.

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