6 iPhone Features I’ve Never Used


Sometimes it turns out that some features in iPhone turn out to be completely useless, while others still do not reach their hands to use: they cannot be called meaningless, they are simply ignored once, and then abandoned. It is also possible that the experience of use was not the most ideal. From time to time, Apple promotes them and improves them, making them useful, but this does not change the weather. I’m sure you yourself are ignoring some iOS features for whatever reason: in the comments you often talk about not using Memoji or Focus. Today I will share with you a list of features in the iPhone that I have never used for some reason.

Reminders on iPhone

Reminders are convenient because on the iPhone or iPad you can create alerts about one-time events or those that repeat every day, linking them, for example, with geolocation. I often watch my friends create them or view them, but for some reason I don’t create tasks myself. The fact is that once I created a rather personal reminder in the calendar, and all the members of the “Family” found out about it.

I don’t know how it happened, but I don’t trust my iPhone anymore. In addition, Yandex.Station is always at hand: if anyone can be trusted in our time, then only artificial intelligence enclosed in a column. Yes, and training memory is sometimes useful, isn’t it?

Siri on iPhone

The voice assistant appeared in the iPhone a long time ago, but it seems that it has not become smarter. In any case, she can only be trusted with setting an alarm or, in extreme cases, reading messages, but nothing more. Siri on iPhone is an abandoned feature that Apple promotes but doesn’t do better. Calling the assistant was added to AirPods a long time ago, but I have not yet seen a single person who would use it in this way. All the more offensive: over the years there has appeared Alice from Yandex, which perfectly recognizes voice and requests in Russian, but on the iPhone it can never be set by default instead of Siri.

sleep mode on iphone

Apple not only makes the iPhone better, but also makes sure that your smartphone takes care of you and your health. One of these features is Sleep Mode. The alarm clock will go off at a strictly appointed time so that you get enough sleep as much as you need. The function reminds you in advance that it is time to get ready for bed, and works on those days when it is necessary.

I don’t know how you feel about her, but I prefer to sleep as much as I like: yes, it’s harmful and AppleInsider.ru health expert Artem Rakhmatullin, probably will not approve of this approach. But to be honest, I don’t really want to wake up from a phantom alarm clock every day either.

iPhone App Notifications

The older you get, the less benefit and more harm you begin to see in push notifications. It used to seem that the more of them, the more interesting life goes. In general, this is very convenient, but from year to year their number is only growing: social networks, applications from marketplaces, endless pushes from Instagram. Virtually every app on my iPhone has had notifications turned off for the past two years, and I don’t regret missing someone’s live streams, new posts, or online store discount reminders. And it also saves battery power: even with a worn-out battery, the iPhone really began to live a little longer than before.

iPhone Shortcuts

Probably one of the most useful features on the iPhone, but I don’t use it. The only scenario I set was to trigger the battery saver when it reached 30% battery. Unfortunately, even that was not useful: when you turn on power saving, the display brightness decreases, and the iPhone starts to work more slowly due to a decrease in the frequency of the processor. Often this is no good and it is better to drop the iPhone to 5% charge, and only then turn on the power saving mode. We even had an article on the best iPhone Shortcuts, but even among them I did not find anything suitable, preferring to enable the necessary functions manually.

iCloud on iPhone

Perhaps one of the most important features in iOS, which I have never used. Even though backup and data storage is very important, I never backup iPhone and store data in iCloud. Why is that? First, when transferring data from an old iPhone to a new one, I use the Quick Start or create a backup on a PC. Although, of course, this is definitely not worth doing: lose iPhone It’s very easy and you only have yourself to blame. Secondly, I have enough free space in the iPhone, so I don’t see the point pay for a subscription to storage.

What features do you not use? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

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