6 features that let you use your iPhone while working out


The other day I watched an interview with a popular character: he called Steve Jobs the most valuable person of the 21st century. According to him, the former Apple CEO gave us the opportunity to conveniently use the Internet. One can only agree with this statement: over the years, the iPhone has become much more convenient, and it can also be really adapted for any purpose. For example, for sports: I usually recommend not to be distracted during training, but some simply do not have this opportunity. Luckily, the iPhone is handy even in times like these, because the features make it possible. Frankly, I myself do this when there is no way not to answer a message or leave the phone aside.

Control Center on iPhone

This is an ideal feature during cardio workouts. If you are used to use iPhone while running (of course, it’s better not to do this), then you know how problematic it is to swipe something, go to Settings, an application or try to type text. Well, if all the use of a smartphone while running comes down to making the music louder, turn up the brightness or start the stopwatch, then at your service Control point, from which you can quickly access important options. For example, rewind the track, after using a long press on the player widget.

Touching the back of an iPhone

If in everyday life a double touch on the back cover can gradually start to piss you off by launching various functions, then during training it only helps. With a double tap, you can lower or increase the volume, turn off the sound, bring up the Control Center, or simply lock the screen orientation so that it does not rotate. And if you are afraid to call something by accident, then choose triple touch back. In training, especially when it comes to functional, there is no time for unnecessary unlocks and swipes – everything should be extremely concise, simple and fast.

How to type fast on iPhone

If you don’t like to reply to messages during your workout or do it as quickly as possible, swipe typing will come in handy. Unfortunately, standard keyboard on iPhone can do this only with the English layout, but we have several third-party ones at once: many of them support not only this function, but also the quick input of entire phrases, literacy checks, and even translation. In general, you will definitely need this. There are also some typing tricks with the standard iOS keyboard that will help you learn handy tricks, but also become faster at typing. We have a whole article about these features – be sure to check it out!

How to find AirPods

It is generally accepted that Siri is of little use: voice assistant in iPhone suitable only for local tasks. But this also has its benefits. I’m sure you know what it’s like to drop AirPods: the headphones tend to scatter in different directions. If you encounter this and accidentally drop the earpiece, forget the case and can’t remember where you left it, be sure to tell Siri “Where are my AirPods?”.

She will offer to run a loud signal (if they were stolen, then the thief was out of luck). The volume will be enough to find the headphones even in a large gym. As a last resort, run AirPods search You can use Locator.

Focusing on iPhone

There are a lot of chats in your Telegram or WhatsApp, but according to the law of meanness, they all make themselves felt during training? Do your friends and relatives call and write to you during the evening workout? Turn on Focus by choosing one of the suitable plans, or create your own.

You can launch it automatically when you are training in the gym – just select the desired geolocation and when you enter the building, the iPhone will turn off all notifications and mute calls. This is the perfect way to automate the process: your workout will go smoothly, and you won’t have to swipe notifications and reject calls while having a heavy barbell on your shoulders.

iPhone Location Reminder

Another great one feature in iPhone, which will not let you forget to do something, buy and so on. Usual reminders come down to what appears on the iPhone screen, and we successfully delete them, forgetting what we wanted to do. But reminders with geolocation are a completely different matter. If you wanted to try a different type of workout, drink vitamins or sign up for a massage after class – your iPhone will remind you to do this in your fitness club. You just need to create a regular reminder and select the right place.

And what features help you comfortably use your iPhone while exercising?

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