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On September 7, Apple introduced the second generation of AirPods Pro. According to the company, the new device has become better in everything. As a user original AirPods Pro I can say that for me these headphones have become the perfect companion for everyday use in the city. In line Apple headphones AirPods Pro are the only ones TWS headphones with Active Noise Canceling. Moreover, this system works quite comfortably for users, without creating unnecessary strain on the ears. And the transparency mode generally creates the feeling of no headphones in your ears.

Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with the cracking problems that extended the warranty on them. In the new generation, Apple has worked on the bugs and upgraded those features that worked perfectly anyway. Here are five reasons why you should buy an AirPods Pro 2 to replace your old headphones or just to get into the world of active noise canceling TWS in-ears.

AirPods Pro 2 – Noise Cancellation

The most important feature original AirPods Pro became the system of active noise reduction and transparency mode. The first cut off all unnecessary noise and allowed you to completely immerse yourself in the music. Moreover, his work was so well-tuned that even with constant use on the street, the probability of being hit by a car was minimized. At the same time, in the metro, most of the extra sounds are cut off very accurately. I can’t imagine moving in the subway without “bugs” anymore. The transparency mode allows, on the contrary, to launch all the sounds from the street into your ears. And it works in such a way that you don’t even understand that you are wearing headphones.

AirPods Pro 2 thanks to the new processor H2 noise cancellation, according to Apple, has become two times better. And the transparency mode works in an adaptive mode and at some point can reduce the sharp sound from a siren or construction tools. Only thanks to this, you can turn your eyes to the new generation. Although the original firmware works well in these modes. I imagine how comfortable it has become in the updated version.

AirPods Pro 2 Charging

Ability to use any QI wireless charging appeared in AirPods a long time ago. More recently, MagSafe support has been added to this list. Well, the classic version has not gone anywhere. charging via Lightning.

AT AirPods Pro 2 there is another way to recharge the battery, which will be convenient for Apple Watch owners. New firmware can be charged using the charger from the watch. Simply attach the puck to your headphone case and it will charge automatically. In fact, this option suggested itself for a very long time, but, unfortunately, it appeared only now.

Case for AirPods Pro 2

The headphones themselves in the new generation have not undergone any visible changes. At the same time, in Cupertino they pumped quite seriously charging case. Now on its body there are speaker holes and a loop for a lace. But this is not the most important thing. Built into the AirPods Pro 2 case U1 chipand it can be searched similarly AirTag. Thanks to the built-in speakers, the case will make a sound that will make it even easier for you to find it.

In such a situation, the probability of losing headphones is reduced to almost zero. The main thing is that at the same time they themselves are in the case. Unfortunately, the search for the headphones that were pulled out of it is still not that accurate either. Thanks to the Find My application, their location can only be determined approximately.

AirPods Pro 2 – operating time

Many users mainly minus AirPods Pro called battery life. As a user, I can say that I have never encountered the fact that I lacked a full charge of the headphones. Given the fact that I just can not listen to music without interruption for more than two hours in a row. AT AirPods Pro 2 this time increased from 4.5 to 6 hours. This indicator is enough even for non-stop use during a medium-range flight.

Plus, the new case received an improved battery. Now with it you can get an additional 30 hours of listening to music instead of 24 hours in the original model. Now even the most advanced music lovers can use these headphones for a long time with virtually no interruption.

AirPods Pro 2 Volume

From the very first version of AirPods users complained about the lack of sound adjustment directly from the headphones. By the second generation of AirPods Pro, Apple solved this problem. The new firmware is equipped with new touch sensors, thanks to which it is more accurately determined if they are in the ear, and allows you to move the earpiece up or down to increase or decrease the volume.

Now it will not be necessary to keep Siri constantly on. Plus, these sensors will be a great addition to the playback control and noise reduction on the headphone legs. And thanks to the additional nozzle in the kit, each user will be able to place the headphones in their ears with maximum comfort.

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