5 Apple Gadgets You Shouldn’t Buy in 2022


Apple regularly updates some of its gadgets: sometimes this happens so often that users who have bought one version are surprised to learn that a new one has already been released. However, a number of good devices often remain in the shadows for a long time: they are not as popular as iPhones or iPads, there are practically no rumors about their update, and you have to wait two or three years or longer for an upgrade. However, this does not mean that they are bad – it’s just better to wait for the release of a new generation so as not to waste money. We explain Which Apple Devices Should You Buy? in 2022.

Should You Buy AirPods Max?

Apple released over-ear wireless headphones almost two years ago: this is one of the oldest gadgets in the line at the moment, only AirPods 2, which were released a year earlier, are older than them. AirPods Max turned out to be quite good: they have a comfortable design, a powerful battery and high-quality sound. Read more about them in this article.

However, there are also not the most pleasant nuances: the old version of Bluetooth, the lack of a skin detection sensor, the non-folding design, the old H1 chip and, of course, the terrible Smart Case, which is of little use. I would like all these shortcomings to be corrected as soon as possible, but Inside AirPods Max 2 not yet. However, so far everything is not so critical: Apple released AirPods Pro 2 three years after the release of the first generation, so there is still time.

Should I buy an iMac 24

At the end of last year, there were rumors that the Cupertino team would introduce an updated candy bar in the spring, but things are still there: according to rumors, the 27-inch computer was supposed to be similar to the Pro Display XDR, so the frames will decrease even more. The device will receive a brighter display at 120 Hz, miniLED and a fresh M2 chip.

So far, those who wish can purchase the same “color” iMac 24″ with M1: it would seem that the filling is not bad, but in fact it is no longer so fresh – the processor was introduced already in 2020, and iMac itself will turn two years old in April. It would be a shame to buy an age-old and expensive PC for home in anticipation of the release of a new model, right? Moreover, according to Mark Gurman, editor of Bloomberg, the monoblock may be the first gadget on a 3-nanometer M3, which will give it a serious performance boost. We wait!

Is it worth buying a Mac mini

The Mac mini on M1 is a great entry-level option and a great MacBook replacement if you’re looking for a low-price desktop PC. However, many people forget that Apple has always had high-end Mac mini – the last update dates back to 2018, when it was equipped with a chip from Intel.

As you know, Apple is actively getting rid of third-party processors in its devices and is slowly ending support for them, so there is every chance that a high-performance model will soon appear on some M2 Pro and with more Thunderbolt ports.

Which Apple Pencil to choose

The reality is that the Apple Pencil can long ago be replaced by good analogs from Ali, which are cheaper and do not differ from the original! Meanwhile, Apple’s pencil turned 4 years old in November, and it’s getting cheaper very slowly! On the one hand, this suggests that even not the latest devices are still relevant, on the other hand, it seems that Apple has forgotten about it. And anyway, isn’t it time to make one universal pencil that will fit different iPads?

Moreover, the Cupertino team has equipped the basic iPad with the first version of the pencil, which is already 7 years old! According to rumors, in the fall, Apple wanted to release a certain Apple Pencil for the iPhone – a sort of analogue of the S-Pen, but for some reason changed its mind. In any case, the disposable device has a lot of drawbacks, and it has not been updated for a very long time. In general, if you do not need it so much, then do not rush to buy it.

Which wired headphones to choose for iPhone

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot fewer wired headphones on store shelves. However, the good old EarPods always come to the rescue: it’s clearly not worth rushing to buy them. Firstly, it’s easier to buy a copy on Ali cheaper, because there are no differences.

Secondly, wired headphones were last released 10 years ago – along with the iPhone 5. Nevertheless, they are still loved for their convenient form factor and functional joystick. Only now the sound quality in them leaves much to be desired, and Apple does not seem to be planning to update the headset.

What devices do you think Apple should update? Write in the comments – it will be interesting to read!

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