5 Apple Devices You Shouldn’t Buy Right Now

AirPods PRO

In recent years, the pursuit of innovation as Apple, and any other manufacturer has ceased to mean buying the best device. Some companies degrade the performance of their smartphones from generation to generation. Others add little to nothing new. And someone changes the iron, but sets an inadequate cost. Taking into account the fact that the Cupertino company’s line still has gadgets released back in 2017, many people have a natural question: is it worth waiting for new products or buying something that has been on sale and time-tested for a long time.

Until new devices are presented, it will not be possible to say unequivocally that it is worth the wait. However, there are such gadgets, the purchase of which seems completely illogical, without even seeing the presentations. Let’s find out what Apple devices you should not buy right now and why you should wait for new items.

Apple Watch 3 – is it worth buying

The only device among all Apple gadgets, which first saw the light in 2017 and is still on sale. Let me remind you that in the same year was presented iPhone X. Since that moment, more than one generation of watches has come out, but this model Apple Watch until recently, it continued to be relevant and, due to its price, showed good sales.

However, a small screen compared to even the SE version, an outdated processor and a small amount of internal memory put on Apple Watch Series 3 cross. Apple decided not to release watch OS 9 for this model. Therefore, its software support ends this year. It is possible that in the future there will be small patches for watch OS 8 exclusive to Series 3, but the likelihood of this is very small. If you are aiming to buy an Apple Watch, then the third series should definitely be bypassed.

Apple Watch SE – buy

Apple Watch SE came out much later than the Series 3. However, this model also needs to be updated. Fortunately, the processor is better here, the screen diagonal is more relevant and there is twice as much memory as
in the third series. Wherein Apple Watch SE will get the new watchOS 9.

On the one hand, it may seem that this version of the watch is an ideal purchase. But let’s remember what it lacks:

  • ECG sensor.
  • Sensor for measuring blood oxygen saturation.
  • Always On Display.

And the latter seems to me the most critical. Almost all devices of this class from competitors are equipped with an “always-on screen”. In the wake of rumors new version of Apple Watch SE I would not advise now to purchase the first generation. Most likely, the new product will be something to pay attention to.

Which headphones to buy instead of AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro were introduced at the end of 2019 and have not been updated since. That is, the headphones are almost three years old, and they continue to travel to Cupertino on old luggage. If you want to TWS headphones from Apple with active noise cancellation, then at the moment you have a choice, except AirPods Pro, simply no. However, along with the line iPhone 14 finally, a new version of noise canceling earplugs should be introduced.

It is assumed that AirPods Pro 2 will remain in the same design, get improved sound quality and longer battery life. The heart rate sensor and the new pedometer most likely do not shine. Although earlier rumors suggested otherwise. Taking into account the fact that a little less than two weeks are left before the presentation, it is worth waiting for the second version. If only for the sake of increased battery life and the hope that she will not have problems with various crackles that led to the replacement of headphones.

Which iPhone to buy in 2022

iPhone 11 was introduced in 2019 and still remains one of the most popular and desired devices. But, unfortunately for many, his time has already passed. Wide bezels around the screen and heavy weight make it uncomfortable and outdated IPS screen with a low resolution does not even allow you to display a percentage charge on it. This feature will appear in iOS 16but the iPhone XR and 11 won’t get it.

Most likely, this is due to the low resolution. Since the space in the corner of the screen is still limited, you have to enter the numbers in the battery indicator in a thin font. On XR and 11 screens, graininess may be noticeable in these areas. If you urgently need an iPhone, it is better to pay attention to iPhone 12. Moreover, the price for it has become very pleasant. Thanks to OLED screen it will look less bulky in the hands with the same diagonal. Still, the iPhone 11 already looks like a dinosaur against the background of its newer counterparts.

Should I buy an iPad 2021

Line of ordinary iPad remains the most popular among all Apple tablets. Helps her in this, of course, the price. However, apparently even in Apple recognize that the appearance of these devices is already outdated and it’s time for something new. AT iPad 10 straight edges in the style of the latest generations will appear iPad Pro and Air. Support will be added along with them. Apple Pencil second generation, which is very conveniently magnetized in one of the sides. The frames around the screen will become an order of magnitude smaller, therefore, we can expect an increase in the diagonal of the screen.

According to the latest rumors Apple can even ditch the home button and reschedule Touch ID to lock button. This will bring all the series as close as possible iPad between themselves. Only because of the reduced scope, I would wait exactly iPad 10. Yet unchanged from iPad Air first generation the appearance of the classic iPads is already rather fed up.

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