4 tasks that are easier to do on an iPhone than on an iPad


Many of our readers discuss not only iPad features and the tablet itself, which is about to be released, but also whether it is worth buying in principle. In general, I can say that the iPad personally helps me a lot in my work, although for the most part I use it as a reader. The first thing after the purchase, I installed all the useful applications that I use on the iPhone there. True, it turned out that a large screen does not mean more convenience. So, if you think that an Apple tablet will be more practical than a smartphone in everything, then you are mistaken. Here is a small list of tasks that are clearly more convenient to perform on the iPhone than on the iPad.

Banking Apps on iPhone

Let’s start, perhaps, with the most sick – with banking applications. Now they appear and disappear, and even under different names, but basically this only applies to applications for the iPhone. With clients for the iPad, it is even more difficult: if you have not downloaded it before, then returning it is not so easy. Sberbank, which I returned via iMazing, was installed as a version for the iPhone: to put it mildly, it is not very convenient to use it. Just in case, if you suddenly want to put yourself at least this, here is an instruction for you.

But even those that are still in the App Store are far from being as convenient. The same Tinkoff: it would seem that everything is on the big screen, no need to swipe once again. But paying bills, scanning QR codes, and simply entering amounts and readings on a small keyboard in the middle of the screen is not very convenient. A large screen is good, but even after 3 months my eyes run wide. Yes, and the iPhone is always somehow more convenient: I noticed that getting it to use the bank application is much easier than launching it on the iPad, even if it is in front of my eyes.

iPhone weather

The iPad has its own weather widget for the near future: it is updated quickly, the forecast shows the current one. The problem is that somehow it happened, but I don’t take it seriously and always take out my iPhone to check the weather. Firstly, you can always “dive” into the application itself and see a detailed forecast for the coming days. Secondly, probably, everyone is simply used to doing it automatically – I am one of them. Moreover, the Weather in iOS 16 has been updated. Well, they are not perceived widgets on the iPad screen and that’s it.

By the way, in my opinion, this problem is not only in the iPad: in Windows 10, weather widgets are also available to users, which are pinned to Start. It seems to me that they are much prettier than those of Apple, but I do not know a single person who would recognize the forecast with a mouse click. Even though iPadOS 16.1 will have a full-fledged app, it looks like watch weather on iPhonetaking it out of your pocket is still easier.

Maps on iPhone

It would seem that viewing navigation maps on a large screen is much more convenient: the 11-inch iPad display will fit a much larger area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe terrain, viewing functions and other information, unlike the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. My familiar iPad owners never look at the address on the maps of the tablet that lies nearby – only on the iPhone.

It’s funny, but I didn’t notice that someone did this on a PC either: this is mainly due to the fact that even top-end Windows PCs load maps slowly and with friezes. Yes, and it is more convenient to control by touch than by the mouse cursor. This, by the way, applies to any applications using maps, such as FlightRadar.

Messengers on iPhone

I immediately downloaded all email clients on my iPad, but I rarely use them. Why? Because they are bulky unlike the iPhone version: mail on iPad more like a PC version, in which the devil will break his leg. In addition, in the mail on the tablet, all the icons are located far from each other, and reaching from one element to another is not so easy. Take the same Gmail: it is not perfect, but the application interface on the iPhone is simpler and more convenient than on the iPad.

Besides, notifications on iPad often arrive late. Add to this the fact that the iPad, although it is rightfully considered the most normal tablet in the world, but no whatsapp for ipad. You can use the desktop version, but it’s more like torture.

However, this does not negate the fact that the iPad is a convenient thing. Apple’s tablet is almost perfect for reading: we compared it with an e-reader and found out what it is better at.

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