3 reasons why you want to buy iPhone 14 Max

Before the announcement of the iPhone 12 mini, many users eagerly rubbed their hands in anticipation of it and said that they would purchase it immediately after the release. However, the reality turned out to be a little different. The little iPhone was really good: high performance, good cameras, quality screen. But he also had some disadvantages, which suddenly outweighed all the pros. And the main one is very low battery life. Such a device, in fact, could only be used as a very expensive dialer. After all, a small screen and a battery do not have a comfortable consumption of content.

As a result, sales of small iPhones failed, and Apple decided to completely kill compact smartphones, leaving only the current version of the iPhone SE, which will soon also have a big screen. Our website even published material where Ivan Gerasimov argued why Apple did the right thing, that it did this with the iPhone mini. At the same time, the new model of the iPhone 14 Plus or iPhone 14 Max is currently not completely clear what it will be called and will clearly become a hit. We have identified three main reasons why you want to buy a big regular iPhone.

iPhone 14 Max – Screen Size

When during Apple presentations from the stage it was said that the smartphone should have such a screen size to comfortably lie in the hand, the company’s fans supported this statement. But when the really big versions of the iPhone XS Max were introduced and further developed into the Pro Max versions, ergonomics faded into the background. The most interesting thing is that the buyers supported this initiative of the company from Cupertino and were happy to purchase iPhones with big screens.

As time has shown, such devices are really convenient. You can comfortably communicate in instant messengers and social networks. At the same time, some users work directly from their smartphone, and for them the screen size becomes really important.

But the big screen today is the prerogative of Pro-versions. Not everyone needs iPhone Pro features. Many will prefer the standard iPhone, but with a larger screen. This year the desire of buyers will be fulfilled. The iPhone 14 Max will be exactly the same as the iPhone 14, but will have a 6.7-inch display. Most users needed just such a device without unnecessary bells and whistles.

iPhone 14 Max – price

However, on one diagonal of the screen you will not go far. Compared to the Pro version, the iPhone 14 Max will lose the following features:

  • High screen refresh rate.
  • Apple A16 processor.
  • 48 megapixel camera.
  • New cutout design for Face ID.

Consequently, the cost of a new smartphone should decrease accordingly. To date, it is known that the device will cost $900. This will definitely add to his popularity. However, when buying, you should remember that this is just an ordinary big screen iphone. He will not offer anything extraordinary or something really new to his customers.

But if I wanted to just buy iPhone with big display and not spend a significant amount at the same time, then I would look at this version. There will definitely not be any overpayment for “premium features” in this situation.

iPhone battery life

But comfortable work with the device is not all that the increased diagonal of the screen gives. Due to the fact that the case will become larger compared to the regular version, the battery in the new iPhone will be installed with an increased capacity. If you add to this the standard screen refresh rate of 60 Hz and last year’s processor from the iPhone 13 Pro Maxwhich differed for the better in its autonomy, then we can safely say that the iPhone 14 Max will show excellent battery life on a single charge.

For many users, this upgrade will be similar to what customers experienced when switching from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 Plus. At one time I went this way. The five by that time had to be charged several times a day, and the iPhone 6 Plus lived quietly under my usage scenarios until the evening of the second day after charging. At the same time, I did not specifically save its battery, but used it as I needed. Most likely, the iPhone 14 Max will receive a battery similar to the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a capacity of 4325 mAh. Such a battery is enough for the eyes for more than a comfortable working time. Moreover, iOS very aggressively extinguishes background processes.

All three of these factors will iPhone 14 Max a hit in the new iPhone 14 line. I assume that it is this version that will pull over most of the sales. However, the Pro version of the iPhone 14 cannot be discounted either. It is they who will receive really big changes compared to the standard models. In any case, the last time the price begins to play a key role when buying new devices against the backdrop of a growing crisis. Most likely, it is this moment that will determine how sales are distributed among the four iPhone 14 models.

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